The Power of the Internet .. The “5G” will control what we eat and drink

Newspaper reports revealed that the internet will soon control all the human life aspects  and sectors. It will control what we eat and drink.

The American network “CNN” said that the “5G” technology will majorly control all the agriculture sectors in the next period.

The “5G” networks are unique for being 100 times faster than the current “4G” networks, which will fasten the connections between the devices and servers. Companies will benefit a lot from 5G networks in information transportation technology, remote sensors and robot plains, which will make a big development specifically in the agriculture sectors.

In deed, a country like Holland has started to use 5G networks in refining potatoes. In Japan they have started using water temperature sensors and salt concentration sensors with 5G technologies so as to increase the quality and productivity of oyster farms.


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