Uncovering the reason behind Facebook’s, Instgram’s and WhatsApp’s three-hour breakdown

On Sunday Morning, the users of the largest social media websites “Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp” were severely shocked; all three websites were out of service for three whole hours with no reason.

According to the technical “CNET” website: what confused a lot of the users is that Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp started to work again without any real explanation behind the breakdown.

What rose up these questions is the brief statements from Facebook’s official; he only said: “Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp have stopped working in many countries, but in the mean time those websites have started to return to work again for some users, while others are still suffering the same problem.”

He continued: ” Facebook is well aware of the problem facing the users of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, and we are working on fixing it completely so the service can return normally. We are sorry for any inconvenience.”

As for the website, it quoted from sources inside Facebook Inc. saying that the second breakdown, that was close to this one, is one of the tests Facebook is conducting so as to declare a united platform for the three Apps.

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