Apple might introduce a more affordable iPhone 8 in 2020

Many rumours are emerging nowadays around Apple and the possible launch of a low-cost phone, comparable to the iPhone SE that was presented 3 years ago. This brand-new device has a really compact size and its price would be really low. Now new details originating from China states that Apple might reanimate the iPhone 8 in the future, giving it a new life, and providing it at a reasonable cost too. We will understand all the information about these details of the new Apple device.

The iPhone 8 is a mobile that is still offered in the Apple stores, being among the most inexpensive mobiles in the business, with rates beginning with 689 euros. The details originating from China does not mention an iPhone Se 2 or iPhone XE, however of Apple re-launching iPhone 8 with a significant hardware upgrade, therefore ending up being the entry series of the company Cupertino. In reality, from China, they state that this brand-new iPhone 8 would have a cost of about 649 dollars, which would most likely end up being 649 euros to be offered in Spain. This detail suggests that there would not be a restored iPhone 8 Plus, however just the basic design, with a 4.7-inch screen, something that corresponds specifically with the other day’s details about the iPhone XE.


In this case, the screen would be LCD, rather than OLED, to get a more competitive price. Nevertheless, it will have a gigantic performance just like the iPhone that will be presented next September, with the Apple A13 as a processor. In addition, the image sd card is protected by one captor, such as on the existing iPhone 8, which is geared up with an internal memory of 128 Go. Apple would be preparing to make as much as 20 million iPhone 8 in 2020 for launch.


With this move, Apple wishes to increase its sales in those markets where the high prices of iPhone XS are a problem and are put far from the purchasing power of a lot of users. With a brand-new iPhone 8, we will have an iPhone for the entry-level range, which would totally change the iPhone SE. In any case, it appears that Apple will introduce a brand-new iPhone beyond the XS or XR that we will know in September, but we will see whether in iPhone 8 or iPhone SE format.

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