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Whastapp, Wasap, Wassap… there are as lots of ways to say it as people who use it. This software has improved the way we comprehend communication, it has entered our life to continue to be and for that it wants to innovate constantly.

For some time now, users have been asking Whatsapp to provide them the means to ship GIFs, as nicely as so lots of other messaging programs, these kinds of as Telegram. Following some time of tests and beta variations, the skill to send out GIFs by Whatsapp is now obtainable to every person.

Then, from UnComo we will make clear action by step. how to mail GIFs by Whatsapp in a very simple way, so that the moment and for all you can send out to all your contacts all those video clips of kittens and falls.

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Measures to follow:


As you may well know, a GIF, Graphic Interchange Formatis a structure for exchanging photographs which many thanks to the emergence of social networks has after once more received recognition many thanks to the potential to categorical an notion or meme in a number of seconds, commonly significantly less than 6, which is recurring indefinitely.

These days there ended up several voices that have been raised claiming to Whatsapp to allow the capacity to send out GIFs, considering the fact that so significantly the largest quick messaging application did not let this trade.


To be in a position to ship GIFs by Whatsapp the to start with thing we will have to do is download the hottest model of this software. If you have your cellular phone established to update automatically you will surely presently have it downloaded, if not, you can go to the Apple Shop or the Android Play Store and update Whatsapp.

The edition you will need is v2.16.293. The moment you have it downloaded and installed you can get started sending GIFs by Whatsapp following these actions.


The moment inside of the application, if you go to the area to mail data files – the famous clip on Android – you’ll see that in addition to video and image, a 3rd folder will show upthe GIFs folder. In this folder you can locate all the data files in GIF structure that have been saved in the memory of your telephone, you can select any of them and preview them.

How to send GIFs by Whatsapp - Step 3


In this way, all you have to do to ship GIFs by Whatsapp is to open the software, do as to deliver a file and when the gallery opens pick the GIFs folder, if you have any GIFs stored there.

As soon as you have the folder open you merely have to connect the GIF you want and deliver it to your call. Effortless, isn’t it.


But what if no one has sent you a GIF or you don’t have any GIFs stored on your telephone? No issue, since you can mail them by yourself. you can make your very own GIFs from typical videos and send out them via Whatsapp to your contacts.

How to send GIFs by Whatsapp - Step 5


To build a GIF you have to connect a video clip from your gallery as if you were being heading to deliver it. The moment attached you must crop it, possibility that gives you the similar software, and leave it with a greatest period of 6 seconds.

After you have shortened the video clip to 6 seconds, an icon will surface in the suitable corner of the software exactly where you will see the phrase GIF. Clicking there will transform the format of the online video and when you send it, it will be despatched as a GIF.


But you have less complicated, funnier selections that offer you you a multitude of possibilities when recording your possess GIFs. The possibility that we advocate is the GIPHY CAM application, which just after currently being out there only on iOS, has now arrived on Android and promises to bring about a furor in the coming months, now that everyone will be in a position to send GIFs by using Whatsapp.

As we explained, if you don’t have GIFs saved on your phone you simply cannot mail it unless of course you produce it yourself, and as we have defined, the treatment is a little bit cumbersome. Here’s how GIPHY CAM will work.


GIPHY CAM lets you produce GIFs from what you history with your cellphone. It should really be mentioned that you can not use video information, but you can only do it from the recording in true time. The factor is that it enables you to put a ton of filters and effects, in a related way to Instagram, but instead of photography, in video clip format.

As soon as saved you can share it by any application that will allow you, that is, proper now you can send your GIFs by Whatsapp.

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