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How to mark messages as unread in WhatsApp for Android

Are you 1 of individuals who go through the WhatsApp messages and you say ‘I’ll reply later’ and you by no means remember? Are you fascinated in becoming in a position to point them out as if you hadn’t study them and then go back to reread them at your leisure? Perfectly, which is now feasible! Just as you could do with your e-mails, now you can also do it with the chats of this mobile messaging software. So do not hold out any lengthier and find out with TodayAS how to mark messages as unread in WhatsApp for Android.

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Methods to observe:


Initially of all, it is critical that you fully grasp what this WhatsApp attribute is for, and it is not about hiding that you have read a message or disable the double verify blue, but allows you to mark conversations as unread for later on reference.

Just as it is possible to do with e-mails, this selection allows you to. flag messages you have already accessed as if you have not examine them as a reminder to go back again and read through them later.


It is also crucial to notice that at this time to have this functionality it is essential to have the. Whatsapp model 2.12.197 or other newer kinds. To do this, then do it from Google Engage in or you must obtain the web site of the software and down load it from there, you can abide by this connection:

As soon as you are on this web page, you have to push the eco-friendly ‘Download Now’ button and the download method will begin. If your Android device asks for permissions to put in the update, you have to strike ‘Accept’.

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As soon as the Whatsapp update has been mounted on your Android, you will now be able to access the messaging application. For mark messages as unreadIf you are in the listing of discussions, you will have to click on the chat in query and a menu will open up in which as the past alternative you will uncover: ‘Mark as unread’, simply click on it.

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Carried out this, in the list of chats you will see on the proper side of the one you have marked as unread. a inexperienced circle will surface and the time the messages had been received will also be in that shade. This way, people messages will be highlighted as if you haven’t go through them – even though you’ve currently accessed the chat to read through them and your make contact with will see the double blue check out if you haven’t disabled it – and then you’ll be ready to go again to reread them.

Similarly, you will be equipped to do the reverse motion, ie, mark your new messages as browse with out having to enter the discussion. So, just push the chat in the listing for a few seconds and click on ‘Mark as read’ – it is that straightforward!

How to Mark Messages as Unread in WhatsApp for Android - Step 4

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