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How to call Rubius

ElRubius is the nickname for Ruben Doblas Gundersen, the youtuber with the most followers in Spain and of all the Spanish-speaking earth and a single of the most adopted close to the entire world. His films are a combination of his life, constantly with a contact of humor and gameplaysthat is, recording himself taking part in videogames, though he is progressively carrying out other items, this kind of as worries with his good friends and other youtubers, jokes, videoblogs or solutions to his subscribers’ questions.

Almost everything he does triggers a stir, and he has a legion of followers who abide by him where ever he goes and consume everything he makes, are you 1 of them? With so many persons adhering to him most of the time it’s incredibly hard to get in contact with him to be capable to remark on anything, that is why at we convey you this write-up so you know how to get hold of ElRubius.

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Steps to comply with:


Youtube is the natural habitat of the phenomenon ElRubius and there is one of the destinations where by you can contact him. ElRubius has two different youtube channels, elrubius y elrubiusOMGeven so, it is in the second 1 in which he at this time uploads all his articles.

On this system he has a lot more than 22 million subscribers who look at all his video clips, which you can discover on his channel, but this web site features you quite a few additional possibilities aside from viewing his material.

The to start with way to call with ElRubius is. by heading to his channel ElRubiusOMG on the Youtube system and, when there, go to the opinions section. You can access it by clicking on the box we have marked in the photograph under. After there, produce what you want and, hopefully, ElRubius will solution you.

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It is so substantially the effect that this younger man has that in the very last contest he built accomplished far more than 1 million retweets on the social network twitter, placing it among the the most shared publications in heritage.

If you want to know how to call ElRubius you could possibly be interested to know that Twitter is yet another of the networks exactly where the youtuber is extremely energetic, despite the fact that in contrast to the more than 20 million that stick to him on Youtube, right here the determine drops to 6.6.

The very first detail you must do is. abide by his profile @Rubiu5from there you can contact him in two diverse techniques:

  1. By mentioning him in a publicationthat is, creating what you want to say and including “@Rubiu5. This way the notification will surface and he might respond to you.
  2. The other possibility, much more complex, is that he also starts off to comply with you. send out each individual other personal messages inside of the application’s messaging.

In the subsequent report we make clear how to obtain somebody on Twitter, so that it will be easier for you to speak to ElRubius.

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But the solutions to speak to ElRubius do not end listed here, on Facebook, the social community par excellence, you will also have the risk to deliver him a concept and. get in touch with the well-known youtuber.

To come across his page form elRubiusOMG in the research bar on Fb, and after you’re there you can produce him a information or write-up a information. It is not unheard of for him to reply to fans’ responses, particularly when they say something amusing and amusing, so deliver out your interior comic and make ElRubius giggle!

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