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How to transform the font in Whatsapp

The typography of Whatsapp messages you couldn’t transform it right until now! This preferred fast messaging application has introduced a new feature that permits you to modify the font of messages, a little something wholly new and innovative. Until eventually now, if you desired to adjust the font you had to go to the mobile configurations to modify, from there, the typography that will be seen on the display but, of course, this not only afflicted Whatsapp but also all other programs that you had set up. Having said that, from now on we will be in a position to modify the typography of our messages and in this article we will tell you unComo how to alter the font in Whastapp supplying you the trick that will assist you get it.

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This operation is completely new and, for the second, only allows the normal font to be improved to yet another font which is known as “FixedSys”.. This is the only substitute font that Whatsapp will make accessible to its buyers but it is comprehended that, in the prolonged run, there will be numerous extra versions that will make it possible for us to personalize our application to the highest.


In order to adjust the font in Whatsapp we just have to open the software and go to any of the messages that we have open. Enter a person of them and, when you start off producing your concept, place 3 grave or open up accents (`) at the commencing of the textual content and near it with 3 other grave accents at the stop (`).

So, an instance text would be:

“`I’m tests Whatsapp lyrics“.

As quickly as send out the conceptyou will see that a new font appears in the conversation and this is the new font you will be capable to use.


How to change the font in Whatsapp - Step 2


Earlier mentioned all it need to be pointed out that for this update to get the job done on your unit you will need to have to have downloaded the newest version of Whatsapp or else the program you would have put in would not understand this code.

So, if you want to adjust the typography of Whatsapp go to Google Enjoy or Application Retailer to download the latest version of the application and, as a result, to be able to attempt with these new attributes.

How to change the font in Whatsapp - Step 3.


In addition to this adjust, now in this software you can also modify the font formats and, for illustration, set bold, italics or strikethrough in Whatsapp.. It is a new attribute that lets us to spotlight some messages that we mail and use a additional modified and customized textual content format.

Just as it took place with the alter of the font, to make these variations we will have to enter the physique of a discussion and start creating a message. The two at the starting and at the stop of the concept we will add unique components that will encode the textual content and will display it in different ways when we simply click on “Send”.

Send out a message in daring in Whatsapp

For a word or phrase to show up highlighted in daring we will have to set asterisk (*) both equally just before and right after it. Like this:

*Example of boldface

Mail a concept in italics

If we want to quote some thing or simply just use italics then our message need to be accompanied by an underscore (_) at each the starting and finish of the text. An illustration would be:

_Instance of italics_

Send a phrase crossed out in Whatsapp.

If we want to cross out a word or phrase in this application we will only have to accompany them with the virgulillas (~) the two at the beginning and at the conclude of the message. Illustration:

~Instance of strikethrough

How to change the font in Whatsapp - Step 4.



We emphasize that for all these new options of the software to be witnessed on your or your friend’s cellular gadget, it is necessary that you each of you have the new current variation. You could see the information formatted (bold and in the new font) but your friend may well not: the explanation is that he or she requires to update the application to be able to see it properly.

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